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Keep tabs on your competitors.

Great businesses are those who aren't operated based on competitors, but who are aware of the major moves made. We bring only the most relevant information about your competitors' strategies and what the market is saying about them.


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Single-channel advertising is the enemy of growth. Market(r) uses its growing number of integrations to find the highest-ROI marketing mix for you.

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Answer some questions about your business.

You know more about your business than what we can figure out from data alone. We marry the qualitative information that you know with the quantitative that we know.


Market(r) makes you an advertising plan.

Based on thousands of data sources, learnings, and best practices, Market(r) gives you a launching-off point based on your business profile.

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Expand your market share and align your messaging with buying incentives.

Messaging alignment

Is your message being received the way you think? Market(r) obsessively optimizes.

New ad graphics and videos.

Market(r) tests ad creative, copy, and landing pages that bring the highest ROI.

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